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      Technical rider

The overall minimum spatial requirement is: width 9 m., depth 14 m., height 4,5 m.

It is necessary a vacuum-cleaner to clean the fitted carpet before each performance.

Two 3 m. high ladders are required for the setting up the staging.

The hall must be in complete darkness, without any light infiltration.

We absolutely need to be informed in advance about the availability of equipments and requirements.


Nr. 2 1000 W PC spots (standing at 2 m. high), nr. 1 2000 W PC spot (standing at approx. 1 m. high), nr. 3 500 or 1000 W PC spots (for the audience’s entrance) and nr. 4 75 W pin-spots. The lights have to be equipped with gel filters (nr. 201) and gel filter clips.

Digital or analogical dimmers with DMX signal converter are required (18 channels in all: further lights – halogen lights, etc. – are part of the staging).

The essential electric cables are needed (for  the four pin-spots, a 4 channel multiple cable – 4 inputs and 4 outputs – will be better). A DMX cable is required: it has to reach the mixing board at the console (Martin Proscenium DMX). There is no need of a mixing board for the lights.

  Sound and video   The company is completely self-sufficient.

A Yamaha C3 (or similar) piano is required, max 2 m long., equipped with tonal pedal. The piano must be available since the first day of the setting up.


A 3 m. wide table, with two chairs, is required.


The day before the first performance. All the technical requirements have to be accomplished since the first day of the setting-up.

Nr. 2 stagehands and an electrician are needed during the whole first day of the setting up. The disassembling, if possible, has to take place the day after the latest performance. If the company has to disassemble the show after the latest performance, the performance has to begin no later than 9 o’clock.

  Audience and duration of the show  

The audience will sit on the stage, on chairs or pillows (maximum 50 people). The show is usually performed twice, and it can be attended by 100 people per day.

The show is not recommended for claustrophobics, nor for anyone who feels uncomfortable in a state of complete and lasting darkness.

The show lasts 1 hour. The second performance usually begins half an hour after the end of the first one.


Every shot or video recording of the show must be discussed with the company first, and it has to be implemented the day of the first performance; photographs will not be allowed neither for newspapers nor for archives: it will only be possible to use the photographs provided by the company, the photographer Enrico Fedrigoli must be mentioned. No live broadcast is allowed during the performance without the company’s permission.


Ask Figaro for information about the technical rider


Ask Scrooge for information about the budget


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