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“I share, therefore we are”

Fanny & Alexander is an art workshop, an atelier of artists, technicians and managers whose working horizon needs unceasing incursions in several art fields, so that, together with the artworks, the context where the artworks become alive can also be built. Theatre, on which the atelier’s work is pivoted, is without walls, a place to be invented itself with each new creation. The possible reference models, more than the touring companies of ancient and glorious European tradition, are the baroque and Renaissance workshops, like Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s one in Rome. Carrying out such an ideal needs at least two conditions: a widespread network of relations with artists, scholars, craftsmen, inventors and the availability of a place for production and sharing.
In 2001 Fanny & Alexander settled in Ardis Hall, a warehouse in the industrial area Bassette in Ravenna. Ardis Hall was born as a facility with a rehearsal hall, a warehouse, a office. Soon it became a theatre, hosting several performances with the cooperation of Ravenna Teatro’s Nobodaddy. Inside its walls Marisa Fabbri rehearsed, Susan Sontag danced, Ermanno Olmi dined together with the whole staff of Il Premio Lo Straniero. The artists and the audience spent some time together at Dinners in the Night, after the shows performed at Teatro Rasi or Alighieri in Ravenna. Nowadays at Ardis Hall there are the scenery workshop of Nicola Fagnani’s Atelier OperaOvunque and a rehearsal hall for workshops and residences of artists (Orthographe, Motus, Fiorenza Menni, Michela Minguzzi among the others). More than a hosting venue, it’s a place for sharing.
Since 2009 Fanny & Alexander has been managing Artificerie Almagià, the former sulfur warehouse which Ravenna City Council turned into a venue for live events, offering a high-quality public service as a guarantee for the programmation of shows, exhibitions, concerts and musical events by several subjects, like Ravenna Festival and Ravenna Teatro - Teatro delle Albe. Orchestra Cherubini of Maestro Riccardo Muti often rehearse at Almagià, and in the last years shows and concerts by Virgilio Sieni, David Moss, Tempo Reale have been performed there. Fanny & Alexander inaugurated at Almagià their live radio broadcast Radio Zolfo together with Altre Velocità, besides the concerts and musical events SMS (Sulfur Magnetic Sound).


Ardis Hall | Artificerie Almagià


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