Theatre Performances
      OZ Project
      by Fanny & Alexander and Elena Di Gioia
      5-21 April 2012, Bologna

On the occasion of Fanny & Alexander's twentieth anniversary, and for the first time in Italy, Bologna hosts a special project specifically conceived by the company for the city, chosen by Fanny & Alexander as the ideal seat for celebrating an emblematic stage of their artistic research.
The special project, conceived by Fanny & Alexander and Elena Di Gioia, is pivoted on the story of the Wizard of Oz, on which the company from Ravenna, among the most important in the contemporary scene, has produced shows, workshops, exhibitions and events as from 2007. Besides the most important shows produced by Fanny & Alexander, new offshoots specifically conceived for the occasion, throughout the course of about three weeks in April, will come to life.

The project, which is in itself a metaphor of a theatre journey where the audience are the main characters of a special adventure leading them to move, on the trail of the protagonist Dorothy, from one place to another, from one stage to another, draws in Bologna a fantastic map of events changing the city into the pulsing heart of a new imaginal geography which draws its very own veins out of the interweaving of the most significant theatre and art venues in the city.
Therefore, a journey which is also a dialogue between the artistic research of a group, Fanny & Alexander, and a city, Bologna. In the story of the Wizard it's precisely a city, the Emerald one, that becomes the fulcrum, the engine, the point of arrival and departure of a journey. Thus Bologna becomes in the project a prismatic horizon, the manifold map of a path which is, thanks to Elena Di Gioia, the fruit of the extraordinary efforts of the city's theatres and cultural institutions towards one purpose.
From 2012 April 5th to 21st, in Bologna's theatres and main cultural venues, the yellow brick road of the story will unfold, in a constellation of shows, performances, exhibitions and meetings.

Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Centro La Soffitta – Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo dell’Università di Bologna, MAMbo - Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Teatro delle Celebrazioni, ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro, Teatri di Vita, Sì, Casa Lyda Borelli per artisti: these are the venues which will host the project.
Crossing the city on the wake of myth and reshaping it: this is the vision that the project proposes.


From O to Z

O/Z - Atlas of a theatre journey
exhibition, photographs by Enrico Fedrigoli
5 - 22 April 2012
opening 5 April, h. 18: guided tour with Andrea Cortellessa and Luigi De Angelis
April 15th, h. 18: guided tour with Chiara Lagani
MAMbo - Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna

Who's Dorothy?
meeting-show with Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Francesca Mazza, Fiorenza Menni
and with special appearance by Stefano Bartezzaghi, Marco Belpoliti, Adriano Zamperini
concept Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
scene movements and staging Nicola Fagnani
music Mirto Baliani
direction Luigi de Angelis
assistant director Marco Valerio Amico
5 April 2012, h. 21
Teatro Comunale di Bologna

O - Z
15 April 2012, h. 21
Teatro delle Celebrazioni

meeting with Fanny & Alexander
by Laura Mariani
with accounts by Lorenzo Donati, Chiara Lagani, Francesca Mazza, Fiorenza Menni
with the participation of Lamberto Trezzini
18 April 2012, h. 16
Casa Lyda Borelli

O - Z
if the wizard is a wizard you will see...
18 April 2012, h. 21
ITC Teatro di San Lazzaro

O - Z
Emerald City
19 April 2012, h. 21
La Soffitta

O - Z
20 April 2012, h. 21
Teatri di Vita

O - Z
Emerald City
21 April 2012, h. 21
La Soffitta

SMS - Sulfur Magnetic Sound Party
h. 22,30: Radio Zolfo, talk radio by Altre Velocità and Fanny & Alexander, hosts Lorenzo Donati and Rodolfo Sacchettini
special guests Marco Dalpane, Roberto Grandi, Matteo Marchesini, live showcase by Melampus
later on: dj set by Mirto Baliani and Dust
21 April 2012, h. 22,30


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