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      Technical rider

We require two mirror venues, distant one from the other, in the same town or in two different towns or even in the same theatre, connected one to the other by internet (by a satellite dish provided by the company). The show takes place in the two venues at the very same time, with an actress in a venue and an actor in the other.
The shows must be indoor and the venues must be equipped with grid (or another support), so that the lights and the speakers can be hanged at the centre of the scene.
The show requires that the audience is placed around the scene (horseshoe-shaped disposition), for a total of about 100-150 people.
The audience can sit on chairs, on a small gallery and on pillows on the floor. In case the venue is equipped with gallery, it's possible to place the audience also on the floor, on chairs and pillows around the scene (horseshoe-shaped disposition).

      Technical requirements for each single venue:
  Light requirements  

The lighting comes from a bracket hanged at the centre of the scene or from nr. 4 wind-ups equipped with T.
Nr. 12 discharge lamps, Philips Tempo 2 model (see the pdf in attachment) with symmetrical optics equipped with nr. 4 sodium vapor lamps and nr. 8 150W metal iodide lamps.
Nr. 2 1000W PCs for the entrance of the audience.
Nr. 1 profile.
Nr. 1 mixing board for the lights.
Nr. 5 wind-ups equipped with T.
Dimmer (18 channels).

  Sound requirements  

Nr. 4 D&B Audiotechnik E8 or E12 or Q7 speakers, depending on the characteristics of the venue).
Nr. 3 D&B Audiotechnik E3 speakers (to be hanged on a central bracket provided by the company).
Nr. 2 D&B Audiotechnik Q-Sub speakers (or similar).
Nr. 7 independent amplification channels for the D&B Audiotechnik speakers.
Nr. 1 Yamaha 03 DM1000 mixing board (equipped with 16 ADAT card in/out, MY16-AT).
Nr. 2 professional radio-microphones (with Sennheiser transmitters, series 3000-5000 or equivalent).
Nr. 1 headset, model DPA 4088 (pink).
Nr. 1 capsule, model DPA 4060 (pink).
Nr. 1 wind-up for our speaker.
Depending on the characteristics of the venue, we will decide whether to place the speakers on stands or hang them.
Sound and digital wiring.

  Video requirements  

Nr. 1 4000 Ansi Lumen video-projector.
BNC wiring.
The projection will be made on the theatre's walls, or else we will require a disappearing screen.

  General requirements  

We require a grid or support high up at the centre of the scene.
It must be possible to darken the venue.
We require, if necessary, German-style wings (or else the venue could be left bare, depending on its characteristics).
A satellite dish for the internet connection has to be installed on the roof of each venue by an aerial fitter.


Nr. 2 days before the first performance.


Nr. 1 electrician for the first day of the setting up.
Nr. 1 sound engineer the first day of the setting up.
Nr. 1 stage-hand the first day of the setting up.


Simultaneously with the show, a live radio-drama broadcasted by a national or local radio will take place. The radio-drama, anchored by a Fanny & Alexander's commentator, is based on the wiretapping, from the radio studios, of the communications between the two venues throughout the whole show (or during part of the show, depending on the radio's program schedule).


Every shot or video recording of the show must be discussed with the company first, and it has to be implemented the day of the first performance; photographs will not be allowed neither for newspapers nor for archives: it will only be possible to use the photographs provided by the company, the photographer Enrico Fedrigoli must be mentioned. No live broadcast is allowed during the performance without the company’s permission.


Ask Figaro for information about the technical rider


Ask Scrooge for information about the budget


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