by Mirto Baliani

Revolt 14.06
Doubt 8.22

Utopia 9.01
Wait 13.23

produced by Fanny & Alexander

mixing Mirto Baliani
mastering Giuseppe Ielasi
printed by Legna

organization Marco Molduzzi
graphic project Mirto Baliani and Luigi de Angelis
photographies Enrico Fedrigoli

from the show T.E.L. by Fanny & Alexander and Tempo Reale


T.E.L. is the 180 gr. vinyl LP with the music Mirto Baliani composed for Fanny & Alexander and Tempo Reale's show inspired by the figure of Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, is coming out.

the four tracks Revolt, Doubt, Utopia and Wait have been specifically remastered for vinyl, rendering the atmosphere evoked by the show or imagined among the pages of Lawrence's memories, the horizons, the rhythms and the sounds of an event hanging between echoes of battle and tribal dances in the desert of Arabia.

"The ethno-folk core of the record is the direct consequence of the choice I made to start almost only from preexisting sounds, without turning to new recordings. Together with Luigi De Angelis, I started a real musical research in the areas of North Africa and Middle East which were somehow touched by the events and the figure of Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. Over the course of some months, after consultations and focused travels, I managed to gather up quite an archive of old recordings (sometimes re-digitalized, in other cases tapes and vinyl records). The material I chose mostly dates back to the '50s and '60s. These recordings are characterized by a more anthropological than musical approach, so they are very interesting for the purposes of my research because they bring back up rites and ceremonies of the villages and tribes from a distant past. A very "raw" and strongly characterized material, perfect for what I had in mind. I let myself be guided by the musical structures proper of that area overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, simple from the point of view of the composition and, exactly for this reason, powerful and hypnotic. In particular, I was interested in the persistent rhythm and the obstinate repetition of chants and litanies.
Furthermore, I was fascinated by the chance of putting my hands (and ears) on real "historical testimonies",since lots of those tribes, especially if nomadic, have been wiped out, and the very world where they lived has been irreversibly changed and damaged. Also considering that popular music, by definition, is not used to annotation and its main promotion and self-preservation tool is orality, it seemed important to me that the recordings I was working on were (maybe) the only sound testimonies of an extinguished world. I was dealing with sounds which also carried an amazing human significance.
Then, the electronic side of this work was born out of my need to break the original structures and replace those rhythms performed by musicians with an even more obsessive and sequential pace.
Therefore, it has also been a work of electronic manipulation, but with the purpose of hiding the electronic sound rather than showing it. I meant to create an electronic web wrapping everything, a structure/cage from where the echoes of that distant world could come out.
During the production of the show TEL, I realized that my composition choices were meeting the requirements of a work characterized by few words and many physical acts, which needed a real soundtrack guiding the movements of the actors and beating time.
From the very beginning, I focused on a few long tracks with relation to salient themes of Lawrence's life. The four tracks in the vinyl have been composed having as the only guideline their very own titles: Revolt, Doubt, Utopia and Wait. Words which refer to specific "thematic areas" and capable of arousing characterized feelings.
This is the process which gave birth to T.E.L., an intense research on the past with a modern and electronic approach in terms of composition."
Mirto Baliani

the record will be issued in 500 copies at the price of 15 euros, but it's possible to pre-purchase it now at only 10 euros (*) pre-ordering the copies within March 15th.

purchasers will be provided with the link for downloading the digital version.

(*) plus shipping


Napoli Teatro Festival Italia

Lato Oscuro della Costa
Festival delle Colline Torinesi
Quirino Revolution MAD
Santarcangelo 41. Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza
Teatro i
Tempo Reale

Fabrizia Frizzo
Caterina Marrone
Paula Noah e Leonardo de Angelis
Raffaella Sutter
Chris Torch
Pietro Valenti


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