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      Technical rider

Nr. 2 UPA Meyer Sound speakers or similar
Nr. 1 Yamaha 01 audio mixing board (equipped with reverberation) or similar
Nr. 1 video-projector (minimum 3000 ansi lumen)
Nr. 1 school blackboard (a black one is perfect; format 4:3) to be hanged at the height of about m.1 (or placed on a easel, or on its feet if equipped). It will be use for the video-projection.
Nr. 1 DVD player
Nr. 2 cables with video signal (one from the consolle to the video-projector and one from the scene to the consolle)
Nr. 1 video mixing board in order to pass from the signal coming from the scene (our Mac computer, Power Point) to the one coming from the dvd, at the consolle
Nr. 3 profiles
Nr. 5 PC spots
Nr. 1 light mixing board

The staging has to be completely bare, with no black wings. (Requirements can change after on-the-spot investigations or after receiving photographs of the staging).

  Setting-up and rehearsal requirements  

Setting-up: the afternoon before the day of the show.
Disassembling: after the show.
N.B. The company reserves the right to change the timetable of the setting-up and disassembling after having considered the theatre's technical rider and the conditions offered for the setting-up.


Nr. 1 sound technician (capable of taking care of the video too)
Nr. 1 electrician
Nr. 1 stage-hand


Every shot or video recording of the show must be discussed with the company first, and it has to be implemented the day of the first performance; photographs will not be allowed neither for newspapers nor for archives: it will only be possible to use the photographs provided by the company, the photographer Enrico Fedrigoli must be mentioned. No live broadcast is allowed during the performance without the company’s permission.


Ask Figaro for information about the technical rider


Ask Scrooge for information about the budget


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