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      Dorothy. Disconcert for Oz
      Dorothy. Disconcert for Oz

production Macedonian Opera and Ballet and Fanny & Alexander
in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg
with the contribution of POGAS - Politiche Giovanili e Attività Sportive

music from Sonnambula by V.Bellini, Lakmè by L.Delibes, Madama Butterfly by G.Puccini, Pygmalion by J.J.Rousseau-H.Coignet, Prometheus by A.Scriabin

texts from The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz by F.L.Baum
the characters of the Witches of the South, North and West are inspired by Gurù (La pietra lunare), la donna P. (La piccola apocalisse) and Lucrezia (Il mar delle blatte) by Tommaso Landolfi.

concept Luigi de Angelis and Chiara Lagani
direction, set, lighting design, orchestration Luigi de Angelis
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
costumes Chiara Lagani and Sofia Vannini

with Milena Arsovska (soprano), Annalisa Bartolini (soprano), Nicoletta Bassetti (violin), Maria Chiara Braccalenti (oboe), Marco Cavalcoli, Chiara Lagani, Francesca Mazza, Fiorenza Menni

and with the chamber orchestra Mosaici Sonori directed by Elena Sartori: Maria Agostini (second horn), Federico Benini (bassoon), Anton Berovski (first violin), Emiliano Frondi (first horn), Luigi Lidonnici (oboe), Elisa Nanni (viola), Samuele Pasini (contrabass), Andrea Poli (second violin)

scenery and technical coordination and project Giovanni Cavalcoli
scenery and technical realization Giovanni Cavalcoli and Macedonian Opera and Ballet
technical crew Giovanni Cavalcoli and Nicola Fagnani
sound technician Davide Sacco
electrotechnical project and realization Andrea Catalano and E. & P. Electronica, Skopje
electrotechnical consultant Marijke Alkema
tailoring Macedonian Opera and Ballet
physical and vocal training Francesca Mazza and Fiorenza Menni
production office Ifat Nesher for Canvas Management with Marco Cavalcoli and Goce Dimovski
promotion Valentina Ciampi, Marco Molduzzi and Ifat Nesher
press office Marco Molduzzi
logistics Sergio Carioli and Norika Leshnikovska
administration Marco Cavalcoli and Antonietta Sciancalepore

with thanks to Mirto Baliani, Daria Bertolaso, Nikola Gligorov for Skopje Summer Festival, Idolina Landolfi, Massimo Marchetti, Franco Masotti, Giordano Montecchi, Roberto Rizzo for the Italian Embassy in Skopje, Rodolfo Sacchettini, Catherine Walker for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara


It is a musical theatre show or scène lirique where the adventures of legendary Dorothy in the reign of the inauthentic, amazing, wonderful world of Oz are summoned up, starting from the fairy-tale by L.F.Baum. Nowadays anyone can see the disaster. The cyclone, the hurricane lies in ambush, you just need to turn on the tv: and it's not only a meteorological question... But nowadays can music and theatre offer a different, more intimate and more secret cyclone, capable to bring us in a dimension like the wonderful world of Oz? Or make us ask some questions about the world with the very same innocence of Dorothy? Such a kaleidoscopic, rainbow-hued and utopic parallel universe, where the answers to the world's questions are not black and white but variegated and fluid, ambivalent and inadequate, and language is never univocal, can be conjured up only by the synaesthetic power of music and theatre. But is it possible to rebuild fiction in the ruinous folds of present time? The actresses, singers and musicians that took shelter inside the theatre to escape the disaster reanimate this raft adrift where everyone is a monad, a fragment, a broken piece of a whole that's impossible to recompose. The coxwain and false conductor of this apparent chaos is a little man obsessed by the movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; he unceasingly repeats the soundtrack's voices corresponding from time to time to the dramaturgical and musical texture interweaving around him. The cyclone or tornado that turns everything upside-down and brings us, together with Dorothy, into a new musical whirpool every time, ain't nothing but a spiral-shaped musical composition weaving airs and tunes from La sonnambula by Bellini, Lakmè by L. Delibes, Pygmalion by J.J.Rousseau -H.Coignet, Prometheus by Alexander Skriabin, the movie's original soundtrack, the American national anthem and fragments of texts by L.F.Baum and Tommaso Landolfi.

A chamber ensemble, a pianist, an oboist, a violinist, three singers, three actresses and an actor are the “atmospheric” agents of this cyclonic Disconcert re-echoing the fairy-tale's figures and essential moments, in a weaving of singing and reciting voices, in a multiple stratification of live musical performances, paying homage to the vertiginous Europeras by J.Cage. Some minimal spatial interventions, in particular on the light and the collocation of its sources, according to the concept of “luminous scenography” à la James Turrell or Dan Flavin, render the feeling of the variegated and perceptive journey in the world of Oz by means of the primary colours. The audience or a part of it is invited to sit at the centre of the eye of the visual and musical cyclone, on camp beds like the ones that were placed at Houston Astrodome during the hurricane Katrina, in the United States, to shelter the evacuees... The place is apparently aseptic, the centre of the staging in a bare theatre, a bare arena or a bare gymnasium. On the walls, an installation of about 600 fluorescent neon lights giving birth to a pipe-organ of light or aurora borealis, two gates of yellow neon lights or yellow brick road, columns of blue neon lights, monuments of white or green neon lights; everything is managed and rhythmically marked by a musical score performed by a midi interface.


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