Theatre Performances - Dorothy. Disconcert for Oz

      Technical rider

The show can be performed inside venues with stage and stalls, with stage and gallery, with gallery only and inside non-conventional venues not equipped with stage and gallery.

Due to the modular nature of the scenery, the required practible space is not defined.

The audience or part of it will be placed on camp beds (nr.80) that are part of the scenery. The rest of the audience can attend the show from the boxes, the tribune or the stalls.

Every decision about the arrangement of the audience is to be taken together with the company after an on-the-spot investigation.
  General requirements  

- The space on the stage has to be completely bare (with no wings etc.)
- Nr. 4 platforms H.m1X2X1 (because an actor has to be placed at the height of m. 2)
Nr. 1 fly and nr. 2 wings (in order to build a black box where the actor on the platforms will be placed)
- Nr. 8 seats and music-stands with dimmerable lights for the orchestra
- Nr. 1 podium for the conductor

  Light requirements  

- Dimmer (24 channels) with dmx signal reaching the consolle (Martin Proscenium provided by the company)
- Our midi controller for the neon lights needs 380V (16 or 32A) supply at the consolle
- Nr. 5 profiles
- Nr. 5 svobodas
- Nr. 5 PCs

  Sound requirements  

- Nr. 1 vertical piano (model Yamaha or similar)
- Nr. 6 speakers (model Meyersound UPA or similar)
- Nr. 1 mixing board
- Nr. 1 multi-effect (model PCM80 or similar, in case the mixing board is not equipped with reverberation)
- Nr. 3 directional condenser microphones
- Nr. 2 wireless radio-microphones

  Setting-up and rehearsal requirements  

- Nr. 2 days before the first  performance (assembling: 1 day and 1 morning, resehearsals during the afternoon)


- Nr. 4 porters for loading and unloading
- Nr. 3 electricians, nr. 2 stage-hands, nr. 1 sound technician for the whole first day of assembling and for the disassembling
- Nr. 1 electrician and nr. 1 stage-hand for the second day of assembling


Every shot or video recording of the show must be discussed with the company first, and it has to be implemented the day of the first performance; photographs will not be allowed neither for newspapers nor for archives: it will only be possible to use the photographs provided by the company, the photographer Enrico Fedrigoli must be mentioned. No live broadcast is allowed during the performance without the company’s permission.


Ask Figaro for information about the technical rider


Ask Scrooge for information about the budget


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